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TOP 10 Weight Loss Tips for Women 2020

“You didn’t gain all your weight in one day; you won’t lose it in one day. Be patient with yourself.” – Jenna Wolfe

It’s summer again which means it’s time to pull out your swimwear, whether you’re going for a swim or heading down to the beach with your friends. While you are fine just the way you are, and beauty comes in every shape and size, it’s okay if you want to shed those few extra pounds you gained during sweater weather. Besides, who wouldn’t want to come out of quarantine a few pounds lighter? Well, here are some tips to trim the fact that are guaranteed to work in four weeks’ time. Give yourself time to see results and do not punish yourself for how you look. Before we get into the tips and tricks to shed those extra pounds without dieting or exercise, a disclaimer: This is information that is not provided by a Doctor or medical professional and should not be considered as such or in replacement for legitimate medical advice. Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have. And now for what you need to do to drop a few extra pounds that will leave you feeling metaphorically and literally, lighter!

Eat with a teaspoon:

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Sounds ridiculous, we know. But it works! This one way to reduce weight without dieting or exercising. By eating with a teaspoon instead of eating with your hand or with a regular tablespoon, you’ll have to scoop the food a greater number of times. This will trick your brain into feeling full. You’ll feel as if you’ve eaten two servings instead of one. This will also help curb your cravings for a second helping or dessert.

Eat from a smaller plate:

This has everything to do with how the food is presented to you. If you eat the same quantity of food, but presented on a smaller plate, once again, you will be tricking your brain into thinking that you are eating a larger serving than you actually are. And since the plate is slightly smaller than what you are accustomed to, it will prevent you from overeating by stopping you from serving yourself a larger portion of food. This doesn’t mean that you should eat less or starve yourself! Serve yourself the same amount of food that you usually do, simply eat off a smaller plate!

Intermittent fasting:

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Now we know it sounds sketchy or unhealthy, but all intermittent fasting means is that you eat at the same time every day, and stop eating after 8 PM everyday to let your body’s natural metabolism burn the extra fat for you. And yes, it means no more midnight snacking – which, let’s face it – is the real problem here. TO make intermittent fasting a part of your regular schedule, you can use apps on your phones to track the times at which you have your meals. One such app is Zero (Apple app store, Google Play), which is made specifically to help you keep track of intermittent fasting.

Replace unhealthy parts of your meal with healthier ones:

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This is another method of losing weight without dieting. You will simply replace your junk food cravings with healthier alternatives: this will help you lose weight and eating healthier has other benefits such as improving your skin, providing more nutrients, etc. For example, replace Cheetos with carrots or replace Nutella with honey. Try to find healthier alternatives for every meal. And don’t worry, healthy doesn’t mean tasteless or less flavor, there are plenty of healthy meals that will satisfy both your taste buds and your stomach.

Consider going vegan or vegetarian:

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Going vegan or vegetarian is considered a huge trend these days, but it has so many benefits: It is better for the environment, it is a healthier alternative to animal meat, there are less chances of obtaining parasites from your food and it can help treat digestive issues and boosts your body’s metabolism. Vegetarianism means no consuming any animals meat – so no chicken, no beef or pork or fish. On the other hand, veganism means no consumption of any anima products at all – so in addition to animal meat, vegans also do not consume dairy products, eggs or even honey. If this sounds too extreme for your taste, consider becoming a pescatarian instead: you only consume fish, not chicken or mutton. Fish is a rich source of protein, but isn’t heavy like other sources of protein, which brings us to our next tip.

Cut down on the protein:

If you consume a lot of meat, try to reduce it or replace it with other alternatives. To shed extra weight that is stored as fat in your body, you need your body to burn through the carbohydrates it receives daily and also, some stored fat. By consuming protein, you make this job harder for your body – protein cannot be stored in the body so it will be metabolized first instead of carbohydrates or fat. But if you’re adamant about keeping your meat, then you’ll simply have to work out or exercise more. It’s your choice.

Eat at a table, without any distractions:

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If you watch television or scroll through Instagram while eating, your brain will not be aware of how much you’re eating and you’ll simply feel hungry again, regardless of how much you eat. Put your phone away. Focus on the food – this will also trick your brain into thinking the food is more delicious than it really is.

Add one new exercise:


The fastest way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. It’s simple mathematics. So instead of dieting or reducing how much you eat, simply increase how many calories you burn. Go for a walk, or a swim or a jog. Or just climb up and down the stairs in your building. Also, doing physically tiring stuffs will also help you sleep better, which indirectly affects your fat loss.

And there it is, nine simple tips that will help you lose weight without dieting or exercising. Eat healthy and stay fit, take care of your body – it needs to last you a lifetime!

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