Ten best 3 burner gas stoves in India 2020

When it comes to gas stoves there is a huge market with different sizes, prices, color, 3 burners, and 4 burners. There are 4 types of burner where

Indian household have been reported buying more of 3 burner gas stoves. 3 burner gas stoves are just right they aren’t too small like 2 burners which may be small and compact but slows down the speed in the kitchen and neither it is huge like 4 burner which is comparatively costlier, takes more space and difficult to accommodate in a small kitchen space.

Companies that sell 3 burners:

  • Prestige
  • Elica
  • Lifelong
  • Glen
  • Everyday
  • Sun flame
  • Gesto
  • Sigri
  • Preethi

Features to think of when buying a 3 burner stove

  • ISI marked
  • Skid proof
  • Shatter proof
  • Compact
  • Easy to operate

India’s Top 10, 3burner stoves in 2020 are:

  1. Lifelong Glass Top 3 burner gas stove- has anti-skid stand to prevent accidental shift in position of stove which might lead to spillage. It has a solid glass top and it’s also broken and heat resistance, it does not break easily if dropped. Easy to clean just with a single wipe due to its smooth design.

Appropriate amount of space between the burners for big utensils to fit next to each other, this feature is ideal for Indian houses due to huge utensils used by us like: dosa pan, biryani kadhai. It is approved by the ISI as safe to use.


  • Burners made of brass
  • ISI certified
  • Manual ignition
  • Warranty for 2 years
  • Strong glass top
  1. Prestige Marvel Glass 3 burner gas stove

With brass burner efficient heating distribution which will give better cooking experience, a solid black counter top. With at least 2 years of warranty the prestige marvel was also durable to any damage by pans and pots. High quality tri pin burner


2 years of warranty

Manual ignition

Black top counter top


Efficient cooking

Center pipe inlet

  1. Elica Vetro 3 glass burner top Gas Stove-has a very aesthetic look with all the feature of safety and durability. It had a warranty of 2 year with a tough glass and a rust resistance.

For the 3 burner 2 are large burners along with a small burner ring to provide support for small utensils. Grips are Euro coated to save from any damage and which disables any pots and pans to slip of the burner’s surface. High end looking design.


Glass finish

Elegant and durable at the same time

Strong glass coating

Euro coated

2 years warranty

Variety in sizes of burner

Stainless steel base for durability

  1. Eveready Tgc 3B Glass top 3 Burner Gas Stove-powder coated with tough top coating and an elegant glass finish is yet again another aesthetic stove with a stainless steel drip tray. It also has a 360 swivel inlet for the gas which is a unique addition not given in other gas stoves and goes best with its look and sturdiness.


Manual ignition

2years warranty

360 degree swivel

  1. Sun flame GT Pride Glass Top 3 burner Gas Stove-With plenty of space and with 3 different sized brass burners gives a more efficient cooking experience for an Indian household. Designed which makes it easier to clean.


Highly effiencent

Matt finish

2 year warranty

Strong glass cook top

  1. Gesto Visata Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove-designed with a very tough glass top and is said to be shatter proof. It is designed to avoid gas leaks and has a compact size to save counter space.



1 year warranty

Italian product

Avoids gas leak

  1. Glen GL 1033 GT G lass cook top gas stove-rich matt look with a thick pan support and 3 different sizes of burner for different cooking experience. Smooth knobs with less friction


Auto ignition

Rich matt

2 years warranty

8mm thick top

  1. Prestige Premia Glass 3 burner gas stove- made by German company it is highly efficient and is thermal resistant. It cooks better and faster. Glass top has a life time guarantee.


TRI-PIN for less gas usage

Tough glass top

Spill proof

Ignition control

  1. Sigri-Wala 3 burner auto ignition gas stove-is one of the most reputed companies when it comes to 3 burner gas stoves. It’s easy to use, easy to clean with spill proof features and uses less fuel. Along with that it has a glass top finish and best for multi tasking and a busy household.


Easy to maintain

Saves fuel

Glass finish

Beautiful design

  1. Preethi Topaz Stainless steel 3-burnerGas stove-stainless steel base, stylish, bold and strong design and attractive. 2 years warranty and includes customer call installation. Even after not being a mainstream brand it has earned a pretty good reputation in the stove market.


Easy to clean

Heavy brass

Night glow knobs

Lighter holder

Most preferred

The 3 burner gas stove market have a tough competition but still the users prefer prestige, elica and butterfly as their most wanted stoves.


3 burner stoves are the most preferred type of burners in India in 2020 it is suitable for nuclear families which can be seen more and more these days. Elica, prestige and butterfly are the most favored companies that sell 3 burner stoves in India but we have discussed about 10 top burners that are already a hit in 2020 which are not only affordable but sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

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