Meaningful Friendship Gifts

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves and are such an indispensable part of our lives that there is a special day dedicated to celebrating the friends and the friendships that we all cherish in our lives.Here are some thoughtful gifts you can gift your friend on National Friendship Day, which falls on August 4 or any other day that you would like to surprise your friend for being such a valuable part of your life.

Best friend Necklace

Two halves make a whole, if that’s something which holds true for your friendship, the best friend necklace is the way to go. Each friend keeps a necklace with one half of the locket and its an adorable way to showcase how you are complete when you are with one another.

Friends Mug

The TV show Friends is definitely an epithet of sorts, which is a tribute to friendships all around and you are sure to have shared this blissful show with your friends. If you have not, you are missing out on something really good. The Friends mug can be a really good gift which will serve as a memento from the show and also a great way to surprise your friend.

Matching Phone Case

Nowadays, people and their phones can never be separated, wherever you are, your phone goes and what better way to remember your bond with your friend than a phone cover which reminds you of the bond you share.

Message in a Bottle

Personalized gifts are always special and heartwarming and the personal touch to them is unmatched. This message is a bottle gift is a perfect way to embody just that. Write down your message in the piece of paper inside the capsule and your friend is sure to have a smile on their face, everytime they happen to open a capsule and read your message.

Makeup case

If your friend is into cosmetics and makeup, this is a great gift. Fill up the case with some products which your friend has been meaning to get and nothing could be a more perfect gift.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

An absolutely adorable way for you to show your friend that you care. This gift includes a pair of lamp, one for you and one for your friend. Once the lamp is connected to Wifi, when one friend touches their lamp, the other one lights up, it is a meaningful way of letting your friend that they are in your thoughts.

Airpod Case

Airpods have brought in convenience getting rid of the hassles of having the earphone cords getting tangled but that brought in the risk of losing the airpods itself. Get your music enthusiast friend, an airpod case, so they have their airpods at the ready and never have to worry about losing them. This gift is sure to remind your friend of you each time they use the case.

Audible Subscription

If your friend is an audiobook buff or is someone who is on the go, then a subscription to audible is the ideal gift. It can be used anywhere they go, whether it be home, gym or even in the car.

Fitness Band

A must for any fitness freak these days, a fitness band is the ideal gift for your health conscious buddy and would help them track the calories they burn, the steps they took, monitoring their heart beat and much more.

Yoga Essentials

Another fantastic gift for your friend who is into yoga or is looking into getting into some self care, this would definitely help them jumpstart their fitness journey

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