Dangerous Genetic Tendencies To Avoid

A psychological disorder is when a person has abnormal (abnormal) ways of thinking, behavior, and emotions. It is caused by many factors, including depression, trauma, or genetic factors.

The following covesia.com summarizes various sources of the types of psychological disorders to watch out for.

1. Clinomania

Clinomania consists of two words, namely Clin and Mania. Clin comes from the Greek word for bed, while Mania means addiction/obsession. The term Clinomania is intended for people who like to do all activities on the mattress.

Clinomania is a psychological disorder in a person that must be addressed because it hurts the future. The addiction to staying in bed makes a person lazy and unproductive.

If someone says that he has a sleeping hobby and finds it difficult to leave the bed, then be aware that he may be affected by this psychological disorder. Make sure to keep playing sports like basketball with basketball shoes to avoid.

2. Narcissistic

Narcissism is a psychological disorder that feels very important. Symptoms include the need for excessive praise, ignoring others’ feelings, being unable to handle self-criticism, and feelings of entitlement.

Narcissists are dangerous because they thirst for attention and admiration, try and do everything they can, and even choose to communicate in one direction and not give others opportunities.

3. Enosimania

Enosimania, or often called Enissophobia, is a condition of someone who always thinks that he is making a big mistake. Enosimania also often felt afraid of being criticized by others.

Symptoms Enosimania is feeling afraid of other people’s criticism and feeling guilty. However, people with insomnia also have a positive impact because it will cause caution, thoroughness, etc.

4. Gamomania

Gamomania is a psychological disorder that makes a person obsessed with the application process, such as proposing to 2 people simultaneously. Gamomania sufferers are likely to have psychology.

The most appropriate way to solve this problem is to see a psychologist and tell him about this disorder. It is hoped that the psychologist will be able to provide solutions for the Gamomania sufferer.

5. Aboulomania

Aboulomania is a psychological disorder in the form of hesitating to decide something. Aboulomania is characterized by being unable to make decisions without others’ help, sensitive to criticism and rejection, and challenging to disagree with others.

Usually, people with aboulomania are prone to experiencing anxiety, depression. Handling can be through psychotherapy or counseling.

6. Erotomania

Erotomania is said to be a psychological disorder that makes a person have an excessive level of sexuality. He feels that someone has a crush on him secretly.

Some of the erotomania symptoms include feeling confident that other people are trying to communicate with him, thinking that someone is following him, not being interested in doing other activities than with people he believes have a crush on him. Usually, erotomania can be treated with medication and counseling therapy.

7. Trichotillomania

Better known as trich is a reflex disorder in the form of torture. By pulling on the hair, eyelashes, and nose hairs can even cause baldness. To deal with it by giving drugs, such as antidepressants.


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