15 Things I Would Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

With the passage of time and the varied experiences life takes you through, one is bound to have gathered their own sense of wisdom, here are 15 lessons I learnt and wished I could tell my 20-year old self

It’s not the number of friends but the quality of friendship

As a young adult, you are bound to be attracted to the idea of having a large friend circle and be surrounded with people but as it happens, having a close knit circle of friends and a great number of acquaintances is far better.

Be your biggest well-wisher and make yourself the first priority

No matter how big of a well-wisher you have in your life, no one have lived your life and understands your dreams and wishes, so it is on you to carve out your priorities, that includes making yourself your first priority and doing so doesn’t necessarily mean you are selfish

Discipline and willpower are important

Nothing worthy in life can be achieved without a routine driven with discipline and will power. These virtues are such that, the more you use them, the more you would possess them

Exercise is important for both physical and mental health

A moderate exercise three times a week can do wonders for your health

The value of reading can not be overemphasized

Reading is an understated personal development activity, it very subtly, brings you closer to your true to yourself, equip you to express yourself better and definitely make you into a better version of yourself

Nurture the thirst for knowledge and lifelong curiosity

A life lived with curiosity and an everlasting thirst for knowledge is the fuel for a fulfilling life

Cultivate a hobby which gives you joy

Having a routine to life is important, but going over something without having a detour to self discover can quickly turn everything monotonous, so it’s essential to have a hobby which just purely gives you joy

Be brave, most of the time you think it’s the end of the world, it really isn’t.

In different phases of our lives, we go through different turmoils and it almost always feels like it’s the end of the world, while its difficult to shake the feeling away, it helps to look back and see all that you have survived and just being brave in the face of adversity you will make it to the other side.

Have savings, it’s never too early to start

Money might not be everything but it is an undeniable commodity, having financial independence at a young age, even if it is for your minor expenses is a healthy habit which you can develop over the years.

Learn the art of saying no

Time and energy are two of the most important commodities we are running out of each moment of our lives, remember this mantra to decide what is worth your time and whether spending time on a certain activity enriches your life in a meaningful way

Forgive, forget and move on

Holding on to grudges and heartbreaks is only natural but in the end you need to make peace with the episode and know that moving on is the only way you can make way for better things in life.

Life is not always about adjusting and compromising, sometimes it’s giving up and letting go or even not conforming

Adjust, compromise, conform are words which are thrown at us even from a young age, but be wise enough to understand when you should refuse to do so. Life is a beautiful thing and a tragedy at times, you have the right to choose to do something which is meaningful to you, even if that is not what your community expects of you.

Take interest in artistic expression, watch movies and TV shows, listen to moving music and read world changing books

Art is how you can enrich your life, how you can marvel at the beauty of the human intellect and a life spent without appreciating art is a life wasted.

Don’t take yourself or anyone else too seriously

Life can get you stuck into a runt, when it’s just jumping from one goal to another, every once in a while to break the circle, do something different, don’t take life to be a series of serious acts, because inevitably it will all reach its dawn and so take some time to have fun and truly live life.

Most things don’t last forever and that’s okay

As humans we often crave for lasting positions, relationships and more than anything everlasting happiness but the truth of life is everything is transient and you can not hold onto anything forever no matter how hard you hold on to it, even our lives can be lost in one fleeting moment. Be glad for the wondrous experiences you had and know that many more are yet to come.

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